Following Software is fully compatible to our hardware modules:
X-Plane driver  for Toliss A321 and A319 available

ProSim A320 Suite – driver embedded in the software
JeeHell FMGS – driver link
Project Magenta – driver embedded in the software
AirSimTech – please contact software developer to purchase the driver
Airbus X Aerosoft – driver link
Wilco Airbus – Payware drivers for our modules – you can purchase it on SimMarket
For more information contact driver’s author  – Fabio Merlo:

NOTE: Eric Marciano’s FSUIPC EXPORTER.exe is necessary for the drivers properly work.


Windows Operating System don’t have built-in drivers for FTDI chip, which is the „heart” of each of our modules.

Before connecting any module to the computer for the first time, download this file:,

Install it as administrator then restart Windows, afterwards plug every panel one after another, every 30sec.

This procedure is necessary only for the first time connection.

General manual to our modules and test/calibration software:




This is driver for old (produced before 2018) Autobrake and Next to PFD modules.
Size: 1.94 KB

FSCockpit test software

Set of small test software to check if hardware works well without any FS software running.
Size: 2.40 MB


Size: 1.07 MB
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