Cockpit Components Description

Electronic Modules

The complete cockpit utilizes 24 electronic modules simulating the A32x avionics systems, mainly: a) Forward Overhead, b) Glareshield, c) Main Instrument Panel and d) Pedestal.

Each module has a USB interface allowing easy and trouble free installation and setup. The core of all modules are professionally fabricated PCBs. Most pushbuttons have double microswitches to ensure better reliability.

Shell and Outside view screen

Shell construction is based on real cockpit dimensions. The area behind the rear windows is intentionally higher and wider to give more space for potential viewers situated behind the pilot seats.

Shell is built of resin molds reinforced with glass fiber (nonflammable resin is optional). Its construction is very light and easy to assemble. Polycarbonate windows are available as an option.

Shell is equipped with side consoles, dome lighting and side consoles lighting system. Cockpit lights can work without any computer working

Outside view screen is built of 5 segments (36 deg. each). These 5 segments provide a 180 degree FoV.

Two side segments to make U-Shape 240 deg FoV screen are optional.

Screen is made of resin mold reinforced with glass fiber (nonflammable resin is optional).

Its diameter is 4 meters and height is 2.5 meters. The weight of each segment is approximately 12 kg.

Throttle Quadrant and Sidesticks

Throttle construction uses laser cut aluminum plates and CNC milled aluminum levers. Only minor parts are made of Plexiglas.

Trim wheels are motorized, engine starter knobs have ‘pull to switch’ feature to ensure the same safety level as in the real aircraft. FIRE/FAULT indicators are fully functional as well.

Sidestick mechanism is designed to reproduce the work of original sidestick. It is construction is robust and long-lasting. All parts are CNC machined. All deflection angles and forces are exactly the same like original.

Pilot Seats replica

The seats replicate the real A32x pilot seats in terms of seat adjustment range and seat position.

These seats have electric motors to adjust their height (+/- 15cm) and seat horizontal position (+/- 24 cm). In its most backward position, the seat moves to the side by 8 cm.

Seats also have both armrests with exactly same adjustment range like original ones.

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