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Our panels are tested by pliots:

PrimaCharter Virtual Airline

TFC Kaeufer

Welcome enthusiasts and sympathisers of virtual aviation!

In order to satisfy your needs we have prepared this offer and are pleased to present you with airplane cockpit panels that are built according to the original documentation, which are fully functional and have authentic dimensions.

We are very proud that FSCockpit.eu modules are used to train real pilots from many airlines. Our Client - Company TFC Kaeufer is one of the world's largest pilot training centre. Thus, we have the opportunity to consult the functionality and appearance of our module with the professionals who fly daily A320 and Boeing in reality.

The panels, we sell to the fans of simulators flying are truly „as real as it gets”.

TFC Kaeufer

When creating our products we especially focus on a true reconstruction of their external appearance and functionality, but first of all on the ease of installation and configuration.
We also try to keep the prices of the panels on a level that would guarantee their availability to possibly the widest group of customers.

The panels are ready for an immediate use. The cockpit was divided into several bigger parts and each of them is complete with all the necessary elements. For example, the autopilot cockpit is provided with EFIS panel as well as MASTER CAUTION, MASTER WARNING, CHRONO AND SIDE STICK PRIORITY buttons. ND, PFD, E/WD and SD displays are provided with a built in undercarriage control lever, brake switches, etc.
Each panel can be connected to a main computer with only one cable – USB or network cable (or additionally also power cable). The configuration is simplified to the maximum.

Cockpit panels we make are available individually. It is possible to buy one or two panels and use them as FS additions on a desk close to the computer ( in which case each panel we offer is provided with an adequate holder ). Owing to this, you can build your own cockpit at your most convenient pace.

We will start with A320, because it is a very popular aircraft and the majority of panels are similar, both from A318 to A340. Obviously, the panels also operate with all the aircraft built in FS and for additional planes like Wilco Airbus Vol 1 & Vol 2 (payware drivers of our panels for Wilco Airbus you can purchase on simMarket), Boeing 767 LevelD, Boeing 737 Wilco, 757 CaptainSim.
Next panels will come successively every several weeks’ time. Registering with our newsletter you will also have an access to the updated news of FSCOCKPIT.EU.

Our offer comprises:

  • COM/NAV Panel
  • FCU+EFIS (Boeing MCP)
  • Lights Panel
  • ND+PFD display
  • EICAS+ECAM display
  • Throttle Quadrant
  • Overhead Panel
We are also open to any suggestions. If you think that something could be done better or different way - please send us an e-mail.

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